Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Evolution of Captain Harrison

Captain Faith Harrison is the lipstick lesbian captain of the Earth exploratory vessel, The Odyssey. She is trying to deal with her first command as well as contend with her 11 year old son, Jonathan and his abilities, and cope with her recent divorce. Rumor has it that her previous tenure aboard the Kennedy ship as first officer ended in tragedy.

Captain Harrison 01Captain Harrison was first created back in 1991. The character likeness was based off of my ex-wife. She started off life as being drawn by hand. Pages were done on 11x17 sheets of paper with lines marked of for squares. The drawings were later copied/shrunk to comic book size pages.

Captain Harrison 02

I was later introduced to the program ClarisWorks. I then recreated Captain Harrison in digital form. This time basing the likeness off of Gillian Anderson (X-files was very popular at the time.)

Captain Harrison 03

Later on I got my hands on the 3D modeling program RayDream 3D and from there moved onto Poser As I began to learn the program, I started creating my Final Frontier characters in Poser. This is what Captain Harrison looked like back then.(Sorry for the blurring image, it was the best I could find.)

Captain Harrison 04

As I began to get better skilled at Poser characters, Captain Harrison and crew also evolved. This is a later version of Captain Harrison.

Captain Harrison 05

As I became more skilled in Poser, I soon discovered a site called DAZ3D. I began creating my characters using their models. First it was Victoria 2, then Victoria 3. This image is the V3 version of Captain Harrison.

Captain Harrison 06

When I began using Victoria 4, I decided to drop the military aspect of the character and just make her a plain civilian. Must've been the "Firefly" and "Star Wars" influences coming thru.

Captain Harrison 07

And then thru my job I was introduced to the style called Steam Punk. I like the concept so I decided to envision the characters in that style. And that's how the current look of the Captain came about. This image shows what the Captain looks like now in 2012.

So as you can see the Captain has had various looks over the last 2 decades. For those Poser users that are interested, I'm thinking of making the Captain available for readers. The only criteria is to get the freebie you will need to "like" our Facebook page. Once you "like" the page, you will be sent a message with a link to download the freebie. You must have Victoria 4 in order to use it.

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