Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jo'naas' Family

Jo'naas' Family

While I'm still working on the next story, which takes place on Jo'naas' homeworld of Volara, I thought I would introduce you to some of the supporting characters of the story. For a little back story about Volarans for those who arent that familiar, Volaran culture is such that they don't wear clothes in the traditional sense. Instead they tend to wear tattoos, which thanks to their technology, they can change on a whim. Much like we would change a shirt.

One of the main reasons for Jo'naas' trip is to celebrate his father's 100th birthday. His father's name is Ab'naar. Older Volarans don't wear the tattoos like the younger ones. They've opted to wear body jewelry.Ab'naar

Ut'taraThis is Jo'naas' mother, Ut'tara.

And this is his younger sister, Par'vati. She's a bit mischevious and flirtatious. Par'vati

Ti'von And this is Jo'naas' ex-boyfriend, Ti'von. They were together for a few years before Jo'naas accepted the navigator positon aboard the Odyssey. Their relationship is somewhat friendly but other times...

And that’s just some of the supporting characters in the upcoming story. I will try to post more background info, like scenes and other characters as I get the opportunity.

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