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Introduction of Characters

Introduction of Characters

Prologue: The year is 2147 and Earth is the cultural mecca of the galaxy.  It was not that long ago that Earth accomplished the one task they had sought ever since man had touched foot on the moon: contact with an alien race. Soon after they were welcomed into the Alliance of seven planets and were on the fast track of popularity.  Tourism boomed, as well as scientific curiosity. Scientists from every planet in the Alliance came to study Earth's sun, the first yellow sun on Alliance record that had a planet that supported life.  After a few years of study and research a group of scientists discovered that the sun was dying. Upon hearing this, Earth's government began making plans to transplant their inhabitants. They began contacting the other members of the Alliance to find a suitable planet. To no avail, no one had a planet in their system to support so many people. It was determined that Earth would have to travel outside of known Alliance space to seek out a suitable new home before the sun took it's last breath. Massive ships would need to be built while still others were exploring. Twelve ships were sent out to explore the uncharted regions. These are the adventures of one of the twelve, the Odyssey.

Captain Faith Harrison is the lipstick lesbian captain of the Earth exploratory vessel, The Odyssey. She is trying to deal with her first command as well as contend with her 11-year-old son, Jonathan and his abilities, and cope with her recent divorce.  Rumor has it that her previous tenure aboard the Kennedy ship as first officer ended in tragedy.

Z’hara B’rel is an M'ktag (mocktahg), a race that had been enslaved by the Zorn until recently. The M'ktag, after 50 Earth years of slavery, fought back the Zorn and finally won their independence. The slavery bridle (purely ornamental) he wears serves a reminder of that period in their history. B'rel possesses above average strength and can survive for brief periods in little or no atmosphere. B'rel serves as Tactical officer aboard the Odyssey.

Helene Behrns is Communications officer of the Odyssey.  A native of Verdonia, she is an upper level telepath. She has the ability to communicate telepathically over vast distances. Telekinesis is also among her abilities. She finds herself in the middle of a lovers' triangle.  In love with B'rel and discovering she still has feelings for a former lover aboard ship, Jared Augustine. Several months prior she had been engaged to him until the wedding was called off.

Dr. Kituhwa Wynterhawke is Chief Medical Officer aboard the Odyssey. He is a Native American Cherokee from Nirvana, which legend foretells as being the birthplace of all Native Americans, who then traveled to Earth millions of years ago. Most Native Americans "returned” to Nirvana during the Great Famine of 2016. He is also an empath.  He can absorb a person’s injury or illness at the slightest touch and then expunge it from his body. He wears a protective suit to minimize content with others.

Azhur Rahn is a Skalaran, who are known for their extremely high intelligence, Rahn is no exception. She tested off the scale for her IQ quotient and has an unusual knack for engineering. However though she may be very intelligent, she lacks the ability to interact with others well. She has often been described as emotionless but that is far from being correct. She serves as the Engineering officer aboard the Odyssey.

Jo'naas Kinera is a Volaran, who possesses the ability to travel great distances interdimensionally and has exceptional navigational abilities. Some Volarans can take others with them.  Many Volarans serve in the capacity of transporting landing parties to and from a planet's surface. Volaran myth states that the "Ancient Ones" altered them to be able to travel interdimensionally. Volarans are also very open about their sexuality. Kinera is gay and very proud of it. He serves as the navigator aboard the Odyssey.

Jared Augustine serves as Environmental Science Officer aboard the Odyssey.  He is an Earth native. Augustine carries a secret only known to him and Dr. Wynterhawke. The secret is that his right arm from the elbow down is a cybernetic prosthetic. Only he knows the incident, which led to this. He is very reluctant to discuss it with any one. His cybernetic arm is capable of many things, one of which is a personal cloaking device. Augustine shares a room with Kinera on board ship which has further prompted him to question his sexuality.

Jonathan Harrison is the 11-year-old son of Captain Faith Harrison. He has the uncanny ability of being a technopath, meaning that he can control anything mechanical or assemble any device simply by thinking about it. He struggles with his mother's divorce and the lack of contact with his estranged father.

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