Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Final Frontier issues are available for purchase at DeviantArt...

Issues of The Final Frontier are now available in PDF form for purchase from my gallery at deviantArt. Each issue is only $5.00.

Issue #01 – A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Outer Rim...
A snobby Ambassador, a short tempered terrorist and a kidnapping isn't that what everyone wants for their first mission?
This is the first issue of a 12-part graphic novel series. The premise is the Earth's sun is dying and the inhabitants have put together an exploratory mission of 12 vessel to find a suitable planet to evacuate every one if possible. The Odyssey is one of the vessels. The captain is a lesbian and has a teenager with special abilities. The tactical officer and the communication officer are in a relationship, but the science officer still has feelings for the communication officer. Or is he? His roommate is the flaming gay navigator, with him he's trying to deny that he has feelings for him. The engineer is highly intelligent but has a disdain for interacting with others. The doctor is an empath and cannot have human contact or else he'll take on the person's injuries or illness.

For Mature Audiences Only
42 pages, full color PDF, 66.3 MB
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Issue #02 – Shore Leave
Jo'naas and Jared take shore leave to Jo'naas' home planet, Volara, for his father's birthday celebration. Jared gets to meet Jo'naas' family during their shore leave. Little does he know what he is in for a love triangle, a duel and dealing with “culture shock”. This is issue #2 of the 12-part series. This issue delves a little more into Jared coming to terms with his sexuality and some of his uptightness.

For Mature Audiences Only
50 pages, full color PDF, 91.9 MB
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Issue #03 – Affairs of the Heart
Behrns must come to grip with some family issues from her past while dealing with some alien telepathic messages. And the Odyssey finds an outpost around a supernova that might have been the bright light in the Middle Eastern sky over 2500 years ago... And Jared and Ti'von have it out.

For Mature Audiences Only
50 pages, full color PDF, 89.2 MB
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