Thursday, March 2, 2017

Kytis for Genesis 2 Male

This product was released in the Renderosity store last week if anyone is interested...

You awaken and cannot move. Arms and legs seem to be frozen. You feel an icky, gooey sensation on your face. Something is moving on your face but you cannot see it. And then finally whatever it is parts just enough and you catch a glimpse of an alien face with tentacles extruding from what looks like a mouth. And that is the last image you see as the tentacles burrow their way into your nose and mouth and suck out your brains… The Kytis is a telepathic, brain sucking alien for Genesis 2 Male. The Kytis comes with a head and body morph, 6 skin colors (3Delight & iRay), 6 eye colors (3Delight & iRay), and a parented and posable mouth worm figure. The Mouth Worm figure also has EasyPose dials set-up for each individual tentacle for better maneuverability.

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